Top Play2Earn Crypto and NFT Games for Android and iOS

    The global GameFi industry is worth $30 billion and it’s growing rapidly. With games like “Play2earn” players can take control over their in-game assets which creates a number opportunities for revenue – such as selling those items on an auction site or taking them back when you decide to quit playing! There are many different types out there with some being compatible across desktop computers/laptops while others only work well depending upon what kind of smartphone they were designed specifically too; but no matter how things go my advice would still

    The blockchain gaming industry is tapping into a whole new market with the ability to engage players for more extended periods of time. More people own and use smartphones on an everyday basis in comparison to desktop computers, which makes them among some countries’ best targets when it comes down looking at how many potential customers there really are out here trying their luck playing games like these – especially since you don’t need any special equipment other than something mobile!


    Play to Earn Games List

    Axie Infinity

    Axie Infinity, a popular Ethereum-based game in the Philippines has caused many to lose their full time income. The focus lies with collecting and battling monsters either through PvE or PvP mode where players can earn rewards such as Axies shards (AXS)and smooth love Potions(SLP). Both assets are available for sale on Eth’s builtin marketplace within ‘Axi’s universe’. In Axie Infinity, you must have at least three CNVs (Characters) before being able to take part in any battles. Those who want more experience or if they don’t already own enough Canine Newbies can opt for a scholarship that will allow them access right away!

    Reward Hunters

    Imagine being able to play video games and win real life rewards! Reward Hunters is an immersive MMORPG that lets you battle other competitors in 1v1 or eight person game modes. It’s like Fortnite but with more features, including weekly tournaments for the best players who want bragging rights on their resume as well as Binance Coin (BNB) trading opportunities throughout 2019-2020 season when it goes live later this month – so sign up now before there are none left available at any price 🙂

    Farmers World

    There are many ways to get involved in the game of farming, but few that offer both an opportunity for fun AND passive income. Take this one on! Players will be able use various tools with which they can build up their land holding as well as resources like water pumps or plows – all while waiting patiently by your crops’ stems until harvest time comes around once again…

    Monsta Infinite

    Imagine the possibilities of this game if it were to be more widely played. It has an interesting premise, where players must get three monsters from a marketplace in order participate and battle with other people’s creatures! Every MONsta (the creature) comes equipped not only with their own skills but also two attack cards as well defense points – meaning you can use them wisely when opposed against another monster or human opponent who might throw something unexpected at ya’.


    Meme NFTs are making their way into the world of digital currency, and this time it’s an adorable Pokemon-inspired game that has players building a team to battle against other humans or computer controlled foes. build your army from collectible pets hard earned through gacha machines – there’re three different currencies in total: Ambrosia (used for purchasing items),DRK(used at marketplace)and Mons which can only be acquired by playing games like ” battles.”


    In MoonLabs, the player first mentality is crucial. Devikins features a turn-based RPG combat system with JRPG elements and players can collect characters or breed new ones to make their roster more robust in this ever expanding world of theirs! It also comes with an element that was originated by Tamagotchi: breeding animals on your free time (if you have enough diamonds). And let me tell ya – when we say “breed” it really means something…

    Plant vs Undead

    The game is all about defending your plants with undead claimants trying to take them over. The multiplayer tower defense has gained popularity in Brazil as it does not require any fee and players can earn rewards without paying! We’ve got more information on how you play this popular mobile app below – check out our guide now before the Brazilian chaos consumes everything around us !!!


    MOBOX is a game-themed ecosystem that rewards its users for engagement. There are multiple games available under the MOBOx banner, including MOMO Farmer and Token Master among others – all of which have been designed to be engaging while also providing an opportunity at increased yield through gameplay strategy development as well as acquiring unique NFT items from within them!


    The mixed reality NFT game, Realm lets players explore rare items and tokens from different realms in an infinite number of microverses. As a platform for virtual goods , it features 3D interactive pets that can evolve depending on which realm they visit; artists are able to create new worlds with split royalty rights!

    Crypto Shooter

    Crypto Shooter is a fun, bubbles popping game that can be played on mobile devices. Help Sparky save his baby sparrows by matching and bursting the same color bubble with some help from your Boosters! Explore over five different maps as well as 100 levels in this free-to-download title to complete challenges for new prizes including sparkPoint tokens which allow you buy burst faster options so it’s easier than ever before!.

    Crypto Games Outlook

    Video gaming has always been a popular pastime, but now it’s taking on new meaning with the introduction of blockchain and NFTs. Game developers can use this technology to make their mark in an industry that is sure not be going away anytime soon – even if you’re looking for something free-to play like diamonds or coins!

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